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  •  1 YEAR Membership to Vacant Land Specialist 101 (Value = $25,000)
  • 12+ MODULES
  • 6+ BONUSES
  •  E-Mentorship from Damien ($50,000)
  •  BONUS: Cost of Knowledge Acquired ($100,000)
TOTAL VALUE = $174,500
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What a blessing it was to find Damien on YouTube! I was researching different approaches to wholesaling and was struck by how freely he shared his expertise with extreme detail, honesty, and humor. I originally learned about wholesaling houses and since watching Damien’s videos and completing his intro course in March, I’m on track to close $80,000 in land deals before the end of the year.

Damien’s teachings definitely give you all the tools you need to fast-track getting your first deal, but you have to put in the work! Serious work. Don’t give up after hearing no after no and just remember it’s bringing you closer to your first yes. There isn’t any course that will ever replace discipline and motivation. This is such an amazing opportunity for anyone willing to go after it and I can say I got started with $200 in my bank account. A big thank you to Damien for sharing everything he knows and giving people the opportunity to change their lives. You are in the best hands possible learning from him.

 Thank you, Damien!


Hey Damien Dupee, I know you always talk about how one of your goals is helping 1,000 people close their first land deal. Well, count me toward that 1000. Just closed my first land deal and wanted to personally thank you for all the help you’ve provided along the way. All your content you put out has been such an encouragement. I appreciate you more than you know!

- Mike Lopez

Hello, I hope everyone is have a great Monday!! I just wanted to share with everyone, who may be wanting to start working with Damien Dupee, but hasnt pulled the trigger yet. Let me tell you, you better take advantage while its free. My wife and I own a bakery for a little over 10 years now. With Covid hitting, and the fact we were in a mall, we began to lose everything from our bakery. Thanks to the Lord, we had a small fruit basket contract with 1800Flowers, that has sustained us over the past 6 months, working from home. It basically pays our bills, with not much left at months end. So, I decided we better figure out something to do, or we are going to go broke. Now Ive tried flipping everything at one time or another (lol). I've flipped cell phones for a while, I tried silver coins, I tried Wholsaling houses, Ive tried doing Mortgage Overages and Ive even flipped diabetic test strips for a while. All that being said, nothing has come close to flipping infill land deals. I started going through Damiens youtube channel watching every video he had. Then I decided to watch them again and take notes. Also, I went through his Udemy course. With all that being said, I decided to take action, and just learn as I go. I was able to obtain a deal that I wanted to JVP with Damien after only working this for 2 weeks. I'm telling you this, incase you're having reservations. ANYONE and I mean ANYONE can do this. If I can do it, you can do it!!! If you dont have money, like we didnt, it can still be done. I pulled lists that Damien shows you how on Tax Delinquent properties (For free), then I sent 100 leads at a time to guys on Fiverr to Skip Trace for $5. Thats all I spent at a time, when I could afford it. Low and behold 2 weeks in, my first deal. My life will continue to be different and better financially going forward with this great adventure! I hope and pray everyone on here is taking full advantage of this mans work and know how. Ive called Damien on the phone, asked him questions in email and on his FB group. He ALWAYS answers. I know I'm rambling, but Ive just never met someone giving away something like this for free. Its been nothing but a blessing. My first check pictured below. Unbelievable!!!!!! God bless!!!

- Kenny Gravitt